REDIIE GoGlobal!!!

REDIIE GoGlobal is a project that aims to leverage the internationalization process of the International Network of Education Researchers  – REDIIE (Red Internacional de investigadores en educación). This internationalization activity is part of the operational component of the Transformar Group (REDIIE, Transformar Center, Transformar Electronic Journal and Allagi Observatory), which collectively seeks to transform education in the 21st century. As such, we want to transition towards a broad-based economy (conferences, seminars, workshops, training, consultancy, scientific publications, observatories, and value proposals) with international reach. In this context, we believe that internationalization will allow us to accelerate and scale our projects, thus increasing our competitive value. In this regard, we have an ambitious agenda that includes:

  • Presence of REDIIE and its active members on various global platforms.
  • Conducting webinars with international speakers and active REDIIE members.
  • Building bridges with experts and international organizations in mainstream topics.
  • Dissemination of opinion columns by active members of REDIIE through the Allagi Observatory.
  • Conducting short academic stays abroad for active REDIIE members  (under development).

Since our foundation on October 18, 2020, we have developed a rich agenda of activities that promote transformational change in higher education. We invite you to cross borders. We believe that with inspired professionals willing to transform education in the 21st century, we can go very far. In our network, we always go beyond. Join us!

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